The Horrors at Concorde: 25th October

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Just in time for Halloween, The Horrors brought their spectral presence to Brighton by singing from the shadows of the Concorde stage.

With a cracking lighting set up, the five-piece progressive ensemble played to a sold-out, jam-packed audience, who sought shelter from the outdoor chilly spit and were met with a manic sweatbox.

Mostly playing songs from their hit album, Skying and a couple from Primary Colours, the band made their presence known by filling the venue with the radical cataclysm of noises that makes them pioneers of progressive sound.

The electrifying set showcased their impressive catalogue of electronic reverberations infused with their trademark ‘80s haunted-house’ vibe which is threaded into the majority of tracks.

Fronted by the silhouette of Faris Badwan, whose intense sexy vocal held its own alongside the symphony of sounds, the band played a tight set showing influences including grunge, punk, rock and pop.

An extended rendition of ‘Who Can Say’ moved into excerpts from ‘Sea Within a Sea’ causing the crowd to swell in excitement.

The band appeared to have each had a spoonful of Iggy Pop’s frontman vigour (if it came bottled) as flashes of light illuminated them severely rocking out engrossed in their enthralling sound.

The venue was often plunged into complete darkness and there was no silence as the buzzy reverb was maintained between songs, with minimal utterances from the band. This was most notable in a slightly over-milked pause for encore which was forgiven by the conclusive legendary extended two songs that followed.

They played most of the songs from Skying including a superb live version of ‘Still Life.’

The band left behind a trail of echoey reverberation leaving the sticky crowd gagging for the crisp cold night air which they had sought shelter from a few hours previous.


Cloud Control w/ Big Deal at Audio: 28 September
October 2, 2011, 6:34 pm
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Big Deal was a choice support act for Cloud Control at Audio on Wednesday. Performing songs from their impressive debut ‘Lights Out’ this Anglo-girl/American boy duo brought their two voices and two guitars to create understated stripped-back music. The combination of their effortless vocals created dreamy harmonies fused with at times grungy surf, at times more acoustic guitar riffs. There was a subtle chemistry between the shy pair which really worked as they sang about love, lust, hope and dreams; with honest, catchy lyrics.

The half hour set consisted of seven songs from the new album including ‘Distant Neighbourhood,’ and ‘With The World At My Feet,’ finishing with Noise favourite; ‘Talk.’

This pair have no gimmicks, you get what you see: two guitars, a boy and a girl; they’re the real deal.

Next was the best thing to come out of Australia since Neighbours: Cloud Control. The alt experimental four-piece instantly made their mark on Brighton entering to a thumping drum beat that cranked up the volume for the rest of the night.

Like Big Deal, they rocked the boys/girl vocal, with plenty of crowd participatory ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as ethereal as the howls of Fleet Foxes. Their tangy, pulsating sound consumed the crowd to the point of euphoria that it sometimes felt they could be playing a much bigger venue.

The energised audience enjoyed the experimental eclectic set that formed a head-banging type of electro that combined smashing drums, stonking twangs and the occasional interlude of toy piano or tambourine. On top of this fantastic buzz was the combo of three of their voices echoing and enchanting particularly noticeable in ‘Meditation Song.’ The variety of their songs showcased their creativity and energy.

Despite a broken guitar and some poor music techie running around to find a replacement, the band still managed to keep the gig flowing, joking with the audience. After a great rendition of ‘There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight,’ their final song, ‘Ghost Story’ included the lyric ‘I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up’ and I’m sure everyone experienced the same sensation.

Although the venue warned them it was time to shut, Cloud Control returned for a stunning encore that included a cover of ‘There She Goes’ which they made their own with the female vocal infused into it. The encore also featured a drumming solo which demonstrated the drummer’s extraordinary talent.

Like him, they absolutely smashed it.