Two months in as a trainee reporter
June 11, 2012, 8:00 pm
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There was a time when I posted every day on my blog but I realise two months has passed since I posted last. Since I have entered the whirlwind world of reporting and spent spare evenings chasing fire engines and sitting through long council meetings, the blog has somewhat taken a backseat.

But I stumbled across some more childhood letters which I know people enjoy so watch out for more of those coming up soon.

My first two months have been brilliant – I love my job and I love being a reporter. No day is the same and the job entails learning new things every day.

Here are some snippets of what I have been up to since I started.

This is a story that started with a tweet..no bird pun intended.


It’s great how just one call following up a simple tweet can unveil a really interesting story that results in a happy ending: http://www.getbracknell.co.uk/news/s/2112768_raven_found_after_escaping_during_metallica_video_shoot

I am going to include this one because my cousin, Catherine Barnes, who is a journalist who inspired me to take on this line of work, loves the top line.


Here’s the coverage of my first time a body has been found in suspicious circumstances, there’s a few more articles on Get Bracknell if you search on the site:


And a court case that proved pretty interesting:


This was quite an intriguing find in some council minutes


as was this: http://www.getbracknell.co.uk/news/s/2114504_50000_bid_for_just_400_council_homes

And I have done a couple of features/videos too:




Oh and a Lenny Henry interview:


Ok that’s probably enough for now!