Things that keep me feeling young
January 19, 2012, 11:24 pm
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I recently wrote a ‘When I’m 24’ post stating the things that I felt were taking me that one step further away from the term ‘young person’.

However, I have managed to think of ten things that still make me feel young.

1) I still get spots – It’s clearly just a myth that you stop getting spots when you turn 20.  And I’ve only just realised.

2) I get a buzz from buying stationery – just like every new term at school.

3) When I’m staying with my boyfriend’s parents, his mum does my washing and folds it on my bed (and occasionally draw my curtains when I’ll be home after dark).

4) I got five lip balms for Christmas – at least one was shaped like a cupcake.

5) I still get a stocking on Christmas day and eat chocolate before savoury goods.

6) If I go out with my mum, she buys me a cake as a treat.

7) If the TV channel ‘happened’ to be on Tracy Beaker, I probably wouldn’t change it.

8) I can lie in for most of the day.

9) I have been on a date with at least one 18-year-old in the past two years.

10) I still rely on Christmas and birthdays to fund my spending for the year.

Night night. X


When I’m 24….

I’ve come to the realisation lately that I am rapidly moving away from the term ‘young person’.

The factors that have contributed to this epiphany are as follows.

1) I can go into any pub in my home town and spot someone who was in year 7 when I was finishing school, and is OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK.

2) I am slightly disappointed if I don’t get ID-ed.  In fact, it’s an insult when I’m the only person in a group not to be.

3) I complain about loud noise in pubs and clubs.  ‘I just want to have a conversation.’

4) I tut at young people necking on street corners and have to restrain myself on public transport from telling loud schoolchildren to be quiet.

5) I pick up litter.

6) I answer the home phone.

7) My mum doesn’t pay for the dentist anymore.

8) I am shocked at how short schoolgirls skirts are.

9) I can’t tell charity street teams I am ‘not 18 sorry’ anymore.

10) I am less conspicuous about trying makeup testers in Boots.