More Surrey Mirror work experience pieces
March 23, 2012, 11:08 am
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There are a couple of other pieces I wrote for last week’s Surrey Mirror.

This one is about a new scheme to help mums save money by cutting down on food waste – I took to the streets to find mums I could tailor advice for: http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/Save-50-month-cutting-food-waste-says-Surrey/story-15542879-detail/story.html

This is about a plucky girl running ten races in ten weekends: http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/fundraiser/story-15532336-detail/story.html

This is a nib that came about when I saw college students Tweeting about a fire on Twitter: http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/Evacuation-false-alarm/story-15532343-detail/story.html

This is about plans for a new Eco Park: http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/Surrey-Eco-Park-gets-green-light-despite/story-15532315-detail/story.html

I also did street style, if I were in charge of this town, fitness tips and vox pops for Mirror Midweek.

For this week’s paper, I visited a Unison protest and knocked on the door of a Conservative MP whose staff ran away.  I also wrote about a meals on wheels type scheme called Casserole and went to watch and interview children doing science experiments in a shopping mall.  My favourite story was the one I posted before, as it was a result of an hour’s news hunt, which was a challenge but enjoyable.

This week’s Surrey Mirror
March 23, 2012, 10:56 am
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In this week’s Surrey Mirror is the story I came up with and investigated about donations being left outside charity shops and getting damaged and stolen:


There will be more to follow.  This is what’s online so far.

Work experience at the Surrey Mirror
March 13, 2012, 8:49 pm
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I finished work experience at The Argus last week and moved from Brighton to London at the weekend.  I did one day at the Surrey Mirror last week and really enjoyed it.  Having worked mainly on the front page story, which was about people not having the basic maths and English skills to apply for jobs, I was pleased to arrive this week and see a joint byline in Thursday’s paper.  Here’s the story:  http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/East-Surrey-jobseekers-know-basic-maths-English/story-15496903-detail/story.html (I did some of the surveys and vox pops).

This week is going well so far.  Everyone I work with is great and I get to be out of the office and speak to people all the time, which is important to me.  And I’m getting to know Redhill and Reigate.  There’s at least six charity shops within walking distance of work so I am a very happy bunny.  It’s been really sunny this week as well so maybe I’ll actually get a tan by the summer.

I’ll write again on Thursday when I know what pieces are in the paper.

Fly tipping story in Saturday’s paper

This is the story I am most proud of so far as I found it myself and it resulted in the council being booted into action.

It was in Saturday’s Argus with a byline and I went with the photographer to see the evidence and get the photos.


Car crashes into Hove basement
March 1, 2012, 7:06 pm
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Week two of work experience at The Argus is going well.  I went out of the office for stories twice today and enjoyed the sunshine.  The first trip was to see why a car had crashed into a Hove basement and I filmed the car being pulled from the side of a building.

You can watch the video here: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9564663.Video__Car_crashes_into_Hove_basement/

I’ve also been pursuing a story on fly tipping.  I had to go on quite a walk from the bus stop into the woods to get the details but it was well worth it.

Watch this space for the story.

Two page leads in The Argus today

As my first week at The Argus comes to a close I have had quite a few panels in the paper.  I am pleased today to have two bylined page leads which are stories I found myself.

The first one was a response to this week’s Cancer Research figures that 160,000 children aged 11-15 start smoking every year.  I investigated this for Brighton and Hove and found the shocking figures in a big NHS health report that children as young as 9 were lighting up.

Here’s my story: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9552995.Nine_year_olds_regularly_smoking_in_Brighton_and_Hove/

The second one I found online by conducting various searches of Brighton online and on Twitter.  This led me to the Brighton Society website where I found that the organisation had appealed for a street name change.  I looked into this and spoke to the council and the ward Councillor to find out how much this would cost and what they thought.

Enjoy:  http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9552949.Laine_or_lane__Brighton_street_name_controversy/

Also the best news of the day is that a double page spread I have worked on is eligible for my PA feature for my portfolio.

So let’s hear it for the weekend, woop woo!

Articles in the paper today

Here are the articles written by me in today’s Western Morning News.

This is the picture lead on the front page, with my headline: http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Fossil-hunter-campaigns-dinosaur-dig/story-14995143-detail/story.html




Missed my first official byline

I just got really over-excited that I am getting a byline in the paper tomorrow (with a front page picture lead) and one of the news editors pointed out that I have one today!  Here’s the online version of my first ever bylined piece published today 🙂


Today’s offering

Just two in WMN today.  I am having a great morning (sad it’s my last one) and really enjoyed handling an angry man on the phone and giving him ‘well it’s your right to reply’ line.

Here are the links:

Ross the parrot: http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/Rescue-parrot-star/story-14984810-detail/story.html


Oh and remember to get your festival news from http://www.thisfestivalfeeling.com


Sparing my mum’s blushes
January 19, 2012, 10:53 pm
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I’ll spare my mum’s blushes by not publishing the picture story that was printed in last week’s Gazette.

But, here’s the story.  I’m looking forward to blogging from Sri Lanka in 10 days time.


Becky Barnes

A GROUP of women have knitted 46 teddies for a Sri Lankan orphanage.

Mary Barnes, 63, of Rough Common, will be taking the soft toys to the Canaan Fellowship Orphanage in Badulla on a family trip in February.

The idea was thought up by Mary’s friend April Austen.

“She thought it would be nice for each child to have a teddy,” said Mary.

Her friends Ursula Scott and Hillary Steigner were already knitting teddies using a pattern from Teddiesfortragedies.org.uk.

The website provides a simple knitting pattern and connects teddy knitters with charities.

“If we end up knitting more, I will try and take extra teddies for Canaan Fellowship’s two other orphanages,” said Mary.

The trip is special for Mary as her late husband Roger made and sold greetings card when he had cancer, raising over £3,000 for the Canaan Fellowship.

The orphanage was able to take in another 12 children and they named a dormitory after him.