A year ago today I was jetting off for 6 months of travelling – my travels in a nutshell
November 22, 2011, 8:24 pm
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A year ago today I boarded a plane to Asia with very little money considering my 6 month aspirations, taking swift advantage of the fact my student overdraft was still interest-free.

I’ll say it now…if you’ve got any kind of interest-free opportunity, seize the day NOW and reap the beneficial dregs of student debt while you can.

At lunch with my bestest this weekend, we both reflected on the joys of the care-free times and wished we could snatch back a few of those moments when the loan just ker-chinged us back to black…for a day or two.

Anyway for me it’s been one of those years where loads has changed in a year rather than a bland year passing in a blink, so I’m very grateful.

I have no doubt that I will be thoroughly re-visiting my travels when I finish my full-time journo course and attempt to cash in on some freelancing.

But for now here’s my travels in a nutshell.

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