September Lust: Brighton gigs
September 9, 2011, 12:07 am
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I’m really excited as I am officially moving to Brighton tomorrow* today. (In fact I should be in bed.)  However, those of you following my Twitter account will know that I have been scouring Brighton websites and getting all hyper, especially about upcoming gigs.

I thought I’d give you a quick post following my September Lust article that just focuses on gigs in Brighton that I am lusting after and that you should be at.  You can see listings for Brighton gigs here.

Firstly, I know I’ve gone about it BUT I missed Big Deal last night*.  To make myself feel better, I stuck on their album and wrote a short review for you:  ‘Lights Out’ is the refreshing debut from original boy/girl duo Big Deal. The effortlessly cool harmonies and laid-back guitar riffs, combined with the honest, catchy lyrics, make this album one that you’re gonna wanna listen to over and over (and you’ll find yourself humming along.) Favourite track: Talk. This pair are the real deal.

Tomorrow night (Friday* today) I’ll be down at one of my fave Brighton venues; The Green Door Store to see The Growlers.  The Growlers are renowned for their trend-setting style, and they give surf a modern edge.  Their music combines that familiarly cheerful surf sound rooted in the 60s with a moodier, unpredictable and experimental vibe.  I can’t wait for the gig!

Saturday night has lots on offer but my top pick has to be Deadbeat Descendant – they’re a local psychedelic band with a big following in Brighton and the venue; The Prince Albert is a fab setting for an energetic gig.  Expect upstairs to be packed!  They’re supported by Clowns who from their Myspace sound a bit like Pulp, which can’t be bad!

If you fancy something cheery to beat those blues of a Monday (12th Sept), check out The Watermelons at Komedia.  Make sure you get a GBK on your way in!  Did you know that you can choose to not have the bun and get an extra large dressed side salad?  It makes it a lot easier to fit in your mouth! (Especially if you’ve opted in on ALL the trimmings.)

I also like the synthy, New Order-esque sound of Cinemascope who are supported EMA at The Green Door on Tuesday 13th September.

On Thursday (14th) Jennifer Left is playing an afternoon gig.  I reviewed her in my Meadowlands blog here and she’s deff worth seeing.

Oooh and make sure you catch AK/DK next Friday (15th.)  Read my previous comments on their amazing live performance at Playgroup Festival here.

And just when I was writing off Festival season, there’s a Festie mid-September!!  Shakedown is £35 for the day and Ed Sheeran is playing.  Was loving him on the Live Lounge today and if you missed it, have no fear, you can catch up here!

Sorry, I’m getting a bit overexcited…

Towards the end of September, Audio are putting on some spanking double action with Cloud Control on 28th September and then Slow Club on 29th.  People following me on Twitter will already know that you can stream their new album before its release here.

Finally to round of the 30 days that September hath, the stupendous Bombay Bicycle Club shall be rocking the Brighton Dome.  I’d suggest you grab a ticket for that one FAST!

OK so there’s my ‘quick’ lustful post.

Enjoy. And maybe see you there. x

PS. Did I mention I’m on Twitter now?  Follow me here.

*Please excuse the strike-through, it’s after midnight.

September Lust
September 1, 2011, 5:11 pm
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So September is upon us, and as Festival season draws to a close there’s a big transition going on in my life as I try to pack up my bombsite of a bedroom and gather necessities to move from Canterbury to Brighton.  Where my Summer has been somewhat leisurely, finding my feet after my 6 months travelling, I am about to begin an intensive fast-track NCTJ diploma in Journalism, which I am beyond excited about.

As my timetable will be far more jam-packed and won’t allow lots of to-ing and fro-ing between Canters and Brighton there are lots of things going on that I won’t be able to attend.  Some of them I will, and I thought I’d compile some South-East goings on that I’m lusting after, as a start to September’s blogs.  Enjoy!

TONIGHT: Joe Driscoll is playing at Casey’s, Butchery Lane, Canterbury at 8pm.  If you haven’t checked this guy out, you really should – he uses loops and pedals (all that technology that amazes me) to record and layer vocals.  The gig is free as well!

THIS WEEKEND: The brand new Smugglers Festival (between Deal and Canterbury) brings together best-loved local talent with a truly folky feel.  There’s a vid of the site on the webpage and looks like it’s going to have a really cosy and friendly vibe.  If you’re going, be sure to check out Broken Hands, Rae, Amber Room, Lucy KittZoo For You and Cocos Lovers.

As an alternative, Skabour Festival looks good.

NEXT WEEK: For vintage clothing lovers, there’s a new shop opening in Northgate, Canterbury next week on September 6th.  Check out Vintage Warehouse here.  For those in Brighton there’s Brighton’s Affordable Vintage Spectacular takes place on September 11th.

September 6-10th: La Cage Aux Folles –  my favourite musical is on at the Theatre Royal Brighton.

September 10th: Darkwood Manor is a film made by a Brighton student on a £1000 budget with a cameo from Steve Coogan.  It’s playing at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse.  Read the BBC News article here.

THROUGHOUT SEPTEMBER: The Nomad – pop-up cinema is popping up all over the South-East but notably St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury for Ghost on September 10th, The Shawshank Redemption on September 23rd and Labyrinth on September 30th.

There’s plenty more coming up over the coming months, including some great gigs by One Inch Badge and at The Farmhouse, Canterbury.  And of course the Marlowe Theatre is re-opening (and looking impressive,) with the Canterbury Festival upcoming in October.  I’ll revisit some of these things in future blogs so watch this space…