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March 29, 2012, 8:21 pm
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I know a postcard limits the space you have to write but the amount of text speak in my age 11+ letters is appalling.

Before I write up this postcard, I need to explain that Pricilla is a code name for any mum and Splash was a code name for my Dad and Chava a code name for this person’s Dad. ¬†This was written 11 years ago.

“Hi Becky!

Hope ur alrite n pricilla ‘n’ splash aint doin ya head in 2 much! I dun really no what 2 put coz I spk 2ya everyday neway! Cant wait 2 cum home as soon soon as I get bck! Chava’s gettin rite on my nerve’s n im gna fekin well punch ‘im b4 he leaves! He woz sittin @ the breakfast table pullin out his fekin chest hairs – how ruff can u get?! ‘E bolloks me @every available opportunity n he’s always ¬†arse lickin pricilla. ¬†Jon’s bin goin thru my stuff coz i’v caught ‘im in my room bout 5x. Boncer! I might b puttin lemon juice on my hair – probas b a fekin disaster but neva mind.


Loadsa Luv ***** x”

Letter from the editor of TOTP magazine
March 29, 2012, 8:03 pm
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Looks like I was networking with journalists since I was 11! ¬†Maybe not for the same reasons as I do now but hey…

Found this letter dated 12 July ’99

“Dear Becky,

Thank you very much for your letter asking for advice on how to get a potential pop career going.  As you can see, I have written down a list of record companies whom you can contact and send a letter and a tape too.  I hope that these are useful!

Virgin Records ********

Polydor Records ******

EMI Records ******

Epic Records *******

London Records **********

RCA Records *******

Lastly, may I wish you the very best of luck and hopefully we’ll see you on Top Of The Pops one day!

Ian McLeish, Editor, Top Of The Pops Magazine, BBC”


Send a TAPE! A tape…

A letter no parent wants to read – not for the fainthearted
March 29, 2012, 7:44 pm
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I have been saving a series of letters from one particular pen pal who when she wrote to me was 15 and during the time she wrote to me, her boyfriend turned 21. TWENTY ONE! ¬†Every letter she wrote to me she mentioned him and here’s a particular one that is not for the fainthearted.


“Hiyaz Bec

How ya doin? im fine but I got a bit sunburnt da ofa day so im rather painful! So how did u meet *****?

Yea it is real nice 2 be settled with Rich and I can trust him + he trusts me. And he’s always full of suprises! Oh yea he passed his PCV test today + im well happy 4 him. (Thats passenger careing vehicle, or bus test 4 short).

And to put matters straight No I am not a virgin + have slept with Rich many a time. But your gona have 2 get on with it Bec you don’t no wot ur missing out on.

Me + Rich had a brill weekend alone coz I got him on his work bench wid no top on + it woz hot + steamy in der afta if u no wot I mean!!

My best mate came to say goodbye the ofa day coz she’s leaving to go 2 america to live. ¬†So it was all very sad.

Iv got so much coursework to do now dat I aint got a clue how im guna manage.

Id betta go now anyway as iv got 101 things I should be doin but I aint so ill love ya + leave ya.

Love *** xxxx

PS Send me a pic! ill send one of me next tym.

PPS Since wrighting this letter mum + dad have both read + found out me +rich are sleeping together!!”



Letter from a 15 year old “looking for a long term-relationship”
March 29, 2012, 7:26 pm
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It’s been a few days since I transcribed some of letters I found in boxes in my room. ¬†I’ll continue to post them as they are proving a hit – Monday got the most blog views since I started this blog a year ago, so thanks. ¬†If you like my posts, please like them and rate them and follow the blog. ¬†You can also follow me on Twitter @beckybarnesb.

Please note РI transcribe the letters as they are, so any typos or bad punctuation are left there for authenticity.  All letters are hand written.

Out of the letters from pen pals, some of them are from pen pal clubs, some are friends and some are people I met on Christian camp – from the age of about 12-16 I went on camps in the school holidays.

Here’s one from one of those camps that I went on in 2003, so I would have been 15.

“Hey Becky!

There is no to sound as if keeping in contact me is a chore! lol!

Dont worry about the paper, its nice and colourful. ¬†Me in a bikini! everyone has laughed at that! lol! apparently some of Olivia’s friends are jelous of my figure? I cant see why though! lol?

Yeah I got a group pic as well, I didnt feel your elbow in my head lol! so it cunt of hurt that much!

My highlight was becoming a christian but also all the great friends I met because without them and you I wouldn of been able to have as much fun.  What was your Highlight?  I really wanna go back too and am starting to save! I would love to go to new year as well but cunt afford it at the moment lol!

Well myself! I am 15 single and looking for a long term-relationship!! I enjoy sport especially football. I play for Borough county and South of England! I really enjoy Robbie Williams music and he’s probably my favourite artist! Wat r ur interests? I wrote that a bit like a thing you see in the paper looking for love! He He




Letter from a “buzzin” teen
March 26, 2012, 8:23 pm
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I really should hold these back and post them daily…maybe even start a new blog dedicated to this pile of letters.

Anyway, I just had to share this one now as well.  It was written on Tuesday, Jan 27, 2004.

“Hi Becky,

Yeh it’s so good to keep in touch. ¬†I was looking through my photo’s I thought why not write to you so I did. ¬†But I was hoping that you still had the same address. ¬†Yeh I’ve changed alot. Im not in tracksuits and jumpers no more, I always wear boots with jeans/trousers with tight tops! dyed my hair to dark brown! and just abit taller than last time. Yeh I will send you a picture….oh wait here’s one. ¬†Sorry it’s small. ¬†Please don’t lose it!

How was your Xmas & New Years Eve? Mine was brilliant got drunk! + buzzin <—(which means high on drugs!) PTO

Yeh me + Sally still speak but I don’t hang around with her as much as before!!! ¬†Me + other friends always hang around with eachother and some boys from the area! Maybe you could come to London one day?

Im in the first year of college but I don’t go. Im looking for work till Sept 2004 then Im going to join college in the 2nd year. Im into dancing, singing & rapping (mcing) I love off Dizzee Rascal – he’s my ex-boyfriends friend + Eminem.

How’s the weather down there? It just started to snow today. ¬†I’m just in my room chilling with the love of my life (only been goin out since new years eve!) He says hi, He’s called Rory he’s 19 on Valentines day. ¬†Have you got a boyfriend?

Please send me a photo of you! Thanks,

Got to go, lots of love

***** xxx”

Also enclosed is a piece of paper saying “Becky and ***** Friends 4 eva.” ¬†That didn’t last….

Letter from a teenage stalker
March 26, 2012, 8:04 pm
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When I read this letter back…I realised I had been TRACKED DOWN. ¬†This one was written on the April 18th 2004 and the guy must have met me at CHRISTIAN CAMP when I was 13 and then found me by the age of 16. ¬†Here’s the letter:

“Hello Becky!

Hi Becky its **** you probably don’t remember me, I’m from Smallwood Manor it must have been about 3 years ago. ¬†You were with someone called Lizzy, I went to Alton Towers with you, Lizzy, Zoe, Richard, Matt and others. ¬†Anyway I have been trying to get your phone numbers but 118118 would give it me, do you still stay in touch with Lizzy – DO YOU HAVE HER ADDRESS?

What have you been doing in the last few years. have you been on holiday? How old are you now? Oh by the way Matt has moved house his new address is:


Next time I go to Matt’s house we will have to meet up he lives about 1hr 30mins from your house.

My address is:


My home number is: ***********

My mobile is: ************

P.S. PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!! Did you get the picture if so have you read the back?”

I don’t have a clue what this picture was and I don’t think I wrote back. ¬†I kept the letter though!

Letter from a teen boyfriend
March 26, 2012, 7:53 pm
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I am sitting next to a pile of letters I have picked out from my room clear out to put on my blog.  There are loads that will hopefully amuse you as much as me.

Here’s one from a boy I went out with for a few weeks when I was about 15 or 16.

“Sorry bout this——> (The arrow points to a rip in the page!)

Heylo Becky.

This is the second draft of my letter to you. ¬†Here it goes…………….

Im not really a veteran at writing letters to people. the last time I did I got dumped by my girlfriend so it brings back sad memories. ¬†But this one doesn’t, for some reason I actually want to write this, partly because theres noone interesting online and also because I really like you and I want things to work out with us ūüôā Hopefully it will. ¬†I’m really looking forward to Sataurday. ¬†What are we going to do? do you want to see a film at the cinema or sumthing? I dont mind. hmmmmmmm……I dunno what to write now. Im going to say byezebye xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxx **** ūüôā

I apologise for my hand writing.”

We went to see Van Helsing and I dumped him the weekend after.

Letter from a teen scouser pen pal nine years ago
March 24, 2012, 5:34 pm
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When I was younger, I used to have a load of pen pals. ¬†In fact, I belonged to a pen pal club and have shoe boxes filled with old letters. ¬†Yesterday, when I was clearing out my room to prepare for moving to Reading next week, I came across them. ¬†I couldn’t actually remember a lot of the people the letters were from but they did make me laugh. ¬†I thought why not share them on my blog!

This is one that was sent to me in March 2003.

“Hi Becky,

I’m tremendous thanks for asking. ¬†How r u? Dont ask me wot’s up with my words it’s cos I’m in a really happy mood. ¬†And wen I’m in a really happy mood I use weird an funny words! ¬†Ta 4 ur letter’s 2. ¬†I think its proper boss that we have loads in common 2. ¬†You are dead lucky that Orlando used to go to ur skool cos he’s so fit it’s unbelievable. ¬†Yeah Anfield’s near me but I don’t go as often as I’d like. ¬†So I have to make do with watchin it on the tele. ¬†My Fave player is Steven Gerrard he is so fit it should be illegal! ¬†I proper love him 2 bits. ¬†I’ve only been to see Liverpool twice!

Yeah you told me wot music u r ¬†into. ¬†I love fit black guys 2 but it’s ironic that u said u like Sean Patrick Thomas cos we were watchin save the last dance in RE. ¬†He is fit to. ¬†If I Lived in Kent and didn’t know you an met your crew on a Friday night I would be layin on one cos there is loads in your crew.

Was the party good? an have you got what you want yet? ¬†I mean have you got Mark as your boyfriend yet? ¬†No I havent got a bf cos I’ve just got out of a relationship cos I never see him.

So ahm well. ¬†Rite, b4 I tell u about my friends I’d just like 2 tell you that they’re not pretty.

1st there’s Lindsay. ¬†She’s got brown hair with bigish ears! she’s my best mate but recently she keeps skittin me and puttin me down so. she’s loud she’s quite bitchy and snotty but u got 2 get 2 no her.

2nd there’s Gemma. ¬†She’s got red hair with blonde streaks. ¬†She can be sound but can be annoying at times. ¬†She flirts with everyone like me! ¬†She doesn’t like 2 argue with people, but it’s sly cos people walk all over her. ¬†Rite from now on I’m describing their personalitys.

3rd there’s Carla. ¬†She’s brill dead funny always gettin pissed an always huggin me!

3rd there’s Shylin. ¬†She doesn’t care wot people think she speaks her mind and she’s off her head. ¬†She’s from Cimbabway or somethin.

4th there’s Craig. ¬†He’s moody but can be happy. ¬†I was seeing him. An we always flirt but I don’t like him.

5th there’s Boey (Joseph) he’s always skittin ppl but only messin. ¬†He’s funny and really nice to me.

6th there’s Craig. ¬†He’s seeing Carla. he’s a bit of a wuss but still funny.

7th there’s Paul. ¬†He’s into club music and keeps himself to himself.

Then there’s Jessica, Laura, Diane, Tina, Emma and Michael.

I haven’t got a recent pic of me but I will send one soon. ¬†You prob are pretty but u dont want 2 sound big headed. ¬†Now if you compare yourself 2 me u’d probably be Rachel Stevens. ¬†Cos I’m not pretty!

Rite I’m goin 2 go plz plz plz write bck soon.

Bye.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lot’s of Love,