The first thing I ever wrote
February 3, 2013, 9:33 am
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Well actually I lie, as my mum wrote it as I dictated it to her aged three or four… She found it written in a notepad while she was turning out her house. Thought I would share…

Once upon a time there was an ogre and next to the ogre’s castle there was a palace. In the palace there was a king and near the ogre’s house there was his dragons. So the dragons put their fire out. So but the ogre said ‘no’ to the dragons and when he went out his friend went home. But when they got home his house was gone and the dragons had gone home and to another country and they had taken the house with them.

Soon it was Christmas and they had lots of presents. The ogre was very excited and Father Christmas came. So he had none presents and he was very cross. So he went to bed. When he got up he found an egg under his bed and it had come from Father Christmas. So he went to bed again but in the morning he found he hadn’t done his prayers.

And then he went down for his breakfast and then he went back upstairs to get dressed, put his glasses on and then something awful happened. He had lost his new ball which Father Christmas had brought him. It was very spotty and he phoned the police to help him find it. Then he told the police that it was spotty.

Then he found that he had lost his glasses. He went back upstairs and looked under his bed. It was there and lots more things he hadn’t seen for a long time. And then he saw a boy and a girl. I’ll soon have them to eat he thought. But they ran away.


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