Txt spk postcard
March 29, 2012, 8:21 pm
Filed under: Letters

I know a postcard limits the space you have to write but the amount of text speak in my age 11+ letters is appalling.

Before I write up this postcard, I need to explain that Pricilla is a code name for any mum and Splash was a code name for my Dad and Chava a code name for this person’s Dad.  This was written 11 years ago.

“Hi Becky!

Hope ur alrite n pricilla ‘n’ splash aint doin ya head in 2 much! I dun really no what 2 put coz I spk 2ya everyday neway! Cant wait 2 cum home as soon soon as I get bck! Chava’s gettin rite on my nerve’s n im gna fekin well punch ‘im b4 he leaves! He woz sittin @ the breakfast table pullin out his fekin chest hairs – how ruff can u get?! ‘E bolloks me @every available opportunity n he’s always  arse lickin pricilla.  Jon’s bin goin thru my stuff coz i’v caught ‘im in my room bout 5x. Boncer! I might b puttin lemon juice on my hair – probas b a fekin disaster but neva mind.


Loadsa Luv ***** x”


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