A letter no parent wants to read – not for the fainthearted
March 29, 2012, 7:44 pm
Filed under: Letters

I have been saving a series of letters from one particular pen pal who when she wrote to me was 15 and during the time she wrote to me, her boyfriend turned 21. TWENTY ONE!  Every letter she wrote to me she mentioned him and here’s a particular one that is not for the fainthearted.


“Hiyaz Bec

How ya doin? im fine but I got a bit sunburnt da ofa day so im rather painful! So how did u meet *****?

Yea it is real nice 2 be settled with Rich and I can trust him + he trusts me. And he’s always full of suprises! Oh yea he passed his PCV test today + im well happy 4 him. (Thats passenger careing vehicle, or bus test 4 short).

And to put matters straight No I am not a virgin + have slept with Rich many a time. But your gona have 2 get on with it Bec you don’t no wot ur missing out on.

Me + Rich had a brill weekend alone coz I got him on his work bench wid no top on + it woz hot + steamy in der afta if u no wot I mean!!

My best mate came to say goodbye the ofa day coz she’s leaving to go 2 america to live.  So it was all very sad.

Iv got so much coursework to do now dat I aint got a clue how im guna manage.

Id betta go now anyway as iv got 101 things I should be doin but I aint so ill love ya + leave ya.

Love *** xxxx

PS Send me a pic! ill send one of me next tym.

PPS Since wrighting this letter mum + dad have both read + found out me +rich are sleeping together!!”




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