Letter from a teenage stalker
March 26, 2012, 8:04 pm
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When I read this letter back…I realised I had been TRACKED DOWN.  This one was written on the April 18th 2004 and the guy must have met me at CHRISTIAN CAMP when I was 13 and then found me by the age of 16.  Here’s the letter:

“Hello Becky!

Hi Becky its **** you probably don’t remember me, I’m from Smallwood Manor it must have been about 3 years ago.  You were with someone called Lizzy, I went to Alton Towers with you, Lizzy, Zoe, Richard, Matt and others.  Anyway I have been trying to get your phone numbers but 118118 would give it me, do you still stay in touch with Lizzy – DO YOU HAVE HER ADDRESS?

What have you been doing in the last few years. have you been on holiday? How old are you now? Oh by the way Matt has moved house his new address is:


Next time I go to Matt’s house we will have to meet up he lives about 1hr 30mins from your house.

My address is:


My home number is: ***********

My mobile is: ************

P.S. PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!! Did you get the picture if so have you read the back?”

I don’t have a clue what this picture was and I don’t think I wrote back.  I kept the letter though!


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