Letter from a teen boyfriend
March 26, 2012, 7:53 pm
Filed under: Letters

I am sitting next to a pile of letters I have picked out from my room clear out to put on my blog.  There are loads that will hopefully amuse you as much as me.

Here’s one from a boy I went out with for a few weeks when I was about 15 or 16.

“Sorry bout this——> (The arrow points to a rip in the page!)

Heylo Becky.

This is the second draft of my letter to you.  Here it goes…………….

Im not really a veteran at writing letters to people. the last time I did I got dumped by my girlfriend so it brings back sad memories.  But this one doesn’t, for some reason I actually want to write this, partly because theres noone interesting online and also because I really like you and I want things to work out with us 🙂 Hopefully it will.  I’m really looking forward to Sataurday.  What are we going to do? do you want to see a film at the cinema or sumthing? I dont mind. hmmmmmmm……I dunno what to write now. Im going to say byezebye xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxx **** 🙂

I apologise for my hand writing.”

We went to see Van Helsing and I dumped him the weekend after.


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