Letter from a “buzzin” teen
March 26, 2012, 8:23 pm
Filed under: Letters

I really should hold these back and post them daily…maybe even start a new blog dedicated to this pile of letters.

Anyway, I just had to share this one now as well.  It was written on Tuesday, Jan 27, 2004.

“Hi Becky,

Yeh it’s so good to keep in touch.  I was looking through my photo’s I thought why not write to you so I did.  But I was hoping that you still had the same address.  Yeh I’ve changed alot. Im not in tracksuits and jumpers no more, I always wear boots with jeans/trousers with tight tops! dyed my hair to dark brown! and just abit taller than last time. Yeh I will send you a picture….oh wait here’s one.  Sorry it’s small.  Please don’t lose it!

How was your Xmas & New Years Eve? Mine was brilliant got drunk! + buzzin <—(which means high on drugs!) PTO

Yeh me + Sally still speak but I don’t hang around with her as much as before!!!  Me + other friends always hang around with eachother and some boys from the area! Maybe you could come to London one day?

Im in the first year of college but I don’t go. Im looking for work till Sept 2004 then Im going to join college in the 2nd year. Im into dancing, singing & rapping (mcing) I love off Dizzee Rascal – he’s my ex-boyfriends friend + Eminem.

How’s the weather down there? It just started to snow today.  I’m just in my room chilling with the love of my life (only been goin out since new years eve!) He says hi, He’s called Rory he’s 19 on Valentines day.  Have you got a boyfriend?

Please send me a photo of you! Thanks,

Got to go, lots of love

***** xxx”

Also enclosed is a piece of paper saying “Becky and ***** Friends 4 eva.”  That didn’t last….


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