When I’m 24….

I’ve come to the realisation lately that I am rapidly moving away from the term ‘young person’.

The factors that have contributed to this epiphany are as follows.

1) I can go into any pub in my home town and spot someone who was in year 7 when I was finishing school, and is OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK.

2) I am slightly disappointed if I don’t get ID-ed.  In fact, it’s an insult when I’m the only person in a group not to be.

3) I complain about loud noise in pubs and clubs.  ‘I just want to have a conversation.’

4) I tut at young people necking on street corners and have to restrain myself on public transport from telling loud schoolchildren to be quiet.

5) I pick up litter.

6) I answer the home phone.

7) My mum doesn’t pay for the dentist anymore.

8) I am shocked at how short schoolgirls skirts are.

9) I can’t tell charity street teams I am ‘not 18 sorry’ anymore.

10) I am less conspicuous about trying makeup testers in Boots.


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Haha this made me LOL. Especially number 9. You should still do it anyway!

Comment by Amy

Haha these are very true, I can agree with all of them apart from the ID one as I still seem to get ID’d everywhere! Although I’m not 24 for a few more months so maybe things will change! Xx

Comment by Ness

[…] recently wrote a ‘When I’m 24′ post stating the things that I felt were taking me that one step further away from the term […]

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