The Growlers at The Green Door Store: 9th September
September 13, 2011, 12:45 pm
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While the blog has been quiet for a few days, life has been busy.  I’ve properly moved to Brighton and started my Journalism course finding plenty to blog about so watch this space.

In the mean time here’s my review of The Growlers which can also been seen on the Brighton Noise Website.

It was impossible not to sway to the psychedelic rhythms that bewitching surf band The Growlers brought to the table at The Green Door Store on Friday night.

This laid-back band allowed the music to do the talking as they bent layers of smooth sound around the intimate venue, much to the delight of the energetic crowd. Giving a sound rooted in 60s surf rock a dark twist, the progressive band played with their signature unpredictable rhythms and reverberated melodies.

The shadowy venue set the perfect underground atmosphere for the “good acid-trip” feel that the band hands out. As ambassadors of the whammy bar and frequent users of the organ setting on keys, the tight-set flitted from toe-tapping cha cha beats, to offbeat funfair notes, to a haunting organ as if it were being played on a cheery Hawaiian beach, which provided a surprising and enjoyable juxtaposition.

It was hard to make out the lyrics as stylish but slurry lead-singer Brooks Nielson’s diction blended into the layers of other instruments, but the fans were quick to sing along. The set’s penultimate tune was meant to be the band’s most recognisable tune ‘Someone Junior.’ However, it was apt that the energy of the crowd was still rising and this initiated two extra songs in response to a hefty call of ‘One More, One More.’

The 60% bobble-hatted band made a 60% bobble-hatted audience very sweaty indeed. It’s a credit to them as so many people are intent on standing still these days, only swinging their limbs for something extra special. This is a band you cannot be stationary for as your body subscribes to their seductive offerings. Just as the tremolo arm vibrates throughout, the fibres of your body submit… and tremble in sync.

Speak soon x


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