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May 11, 2011, 9:13 am
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When you leave the country for 6 months and spend the best part of it in the Indian “outback,” life is pretty puzzling when you return.  I can recommend leaving in November and returning at the beginning of May though as you skip a massive chunk of chilly British weather!

Anyway, my point is that on return to the UK, there’s several changes to catch up with.  Not only in your social circle are there various new people, break ups or baby bumps; there’s a massive backlog of culture to explore.

I’ve been back in Blighty just over a week and I’ve decided to start this blog, mainly to rediscover UK music and culture and also to share it with you!  Coming up tomorrow is The Great Escape in Brighton.  It’s super sunny today, so hopefully that will last the weekend.  I’ve asked my Facebook friends to recommend any bands I should check out and I’ve also been listening to a few of them on Spotify and MySpace.

I’m currently listening to Gang Gang Dance who are playing at The Pavilion Theatre at 11.30pm tomorrow.  I’m loving their experimental fusion of sound and one foot’s tapping as my brain tries to calculate if I’ll have time to enjoy Cults at Horatio’s at 10.15pm and then be able to get into the theatre in time to catch the gang!

Anyway, enough of my boring organisation!  Watch this space for more on The Great Escape and anything and everything I discover on my way!

Miss B x


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Well well well Miss B, this will be my source of info for festival gigs so keep it clean 🙂 xxx

Comment by Ali

I’ll be reviewing your festival too if I’m about! Will text you about another lunch soon x

Comment by bbamboozle

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